Indian Summer..he who hesitates

As September blesses us with some mild golden days, some blackberries, apples and wasps, we are enjoying the thrill of our New Season’s arrivals.  We shouldn’t wish these gorgeous hazy days ‘Good-bye’, but the thought of a gorgeous pair of ankle boots is almost too much.

As the temperature starts to drop and sandals are just not doing it, the time is right to get into sneakers, trainers or ankle boots.  And this year the choice is amazing.  Brands like Ash have always hit this season running with some of the best of the crop.  The look this year is all about the double soled skater type trainers.  We are loving Ash Jodie in soft buttery black leather.  This slip-on style has two zips and a luxurious padded sole.  An Autumn best seller!

Sport Lux is every where, the perfect look for urban casual, a brilliant take on a classic sports trainer.  Ash Lenny  fab with its contracting  fabrics  and textures offers support and comfort, in store and on line at Wah Wah Shoes.

ash lenny bis 2

Ash Lenny

For a more classic look and perfect with jeans and black skinnies is Ash Hurrican,  Ash Ivana and Ash Ilona.  To dress up or down, daytime or evening.ash ilona 2

Ash Ilona